Dr Ali Sattaripour

Posted  05 May 2016

It is with deepest regret that we write to announce that Dr Ali Sattaripour, Founder of the Persian Language Foundation has passed away, aged 73.

Dr Sattaripour established the Persian Language Foundation in 2012 and worked with great enthusiasm and commitment to promote and advance Persian Language learning, right up until the time of his death on the 5th of May 2016.

His vision to create the Foundation’s website www.PersianLanguageOnline.com has fundamentally changed the way in which many students now learn Persian, and has brought valuable educational resources into the hands of those learners who live far from Persian Language teaching centres.

Dr Sattaripour cared deeply that Iranian children growing up abroad should have every opportunity to learn Persian. The Foundation’s latest project to create a fun Persian Language app for pre-schoolers will inspire a new generation of Persian Language learners and represents another facet of Dr Sattaripour’s great contribution to the field of Persian Language education.