Gorbeh in the City

Posted  22 Jul 2016

The Persian Language Foundation has completed its first app for preschool-aged children!

Download Persian City Adventure from iTunes or Google Play to explore the City with Gorbeh, the Persian Cat on your smart phone or tablet!

You will get dressed, go shopping, search for vehicles and count the buses, before singing along to an interactive music video!

This exciting step forward in children’s Persian language resources will keep your little ones entertained as they play games, win prizes and learn lots of useful words. The app teaches basic Persian vocabulary as well as important preschool-level concepts such as numbers, colours, weather, clothing, food and vehicles.

Persian City Adventure provides the perfect opportunity for children to play with parents or grandparents and begin to associate the Persian language with fun, discovery, challenges and rewards.

We would like to extend a special thanks to everybody who has offered their assistance with this project.

If, like us, you are excited about this new app, then please help us to spread the word!

Not only do we want to help as many children as possible to enjoy learning Persian, but all proceeds from this app will go towards the Foundation’s future projects; so the more apps we can sell, the more apps we can make!