About us

About us

The Persian Language Foundation is a UK-registered charity, established to promote and advance Persian language-learning worldwide. The Foundation seeks to do this through both the creation of freely available, high quality, Persian language-learning resources and also through the promotion and reinforcement of Persian language-teaching facilities and resources that are already in existence. 

The Foundation is based in London, UK, and operates in liaison with the country's top Persian language-teaching institutions, whilst also enjoying the support and backing of important Persian cultural and academic establishments around the world. It was founded in 2012 by Dr Ali Sattaripour, who was concerned by the lack of resources available to Persian language learners; especially members of the Persian diaspora, for whom this language provides a crucial link to their cultural heritage. Dr Sattaripour, a successful business man and philanthropist, worked tirelessly to build the Persian Language Foundation over four years, before passing away in May 2016.

Persian Language Online is the Foundation's flagship project. This internet resource is intended to serve as a free-to-access, comprehensive, aid to English speakers worldwide who want to learn Persian.

After developing Persian Language Online, the Foundation has moved on to develop a set of mobile apps to help young children learn Persian while they play. These are free to download, and can be found on on the App Store and Google Play.

The Foundation’s board of trustees comprises representatives from the worlds of Persian language teaching, education management, Persian culture, history and heritage, and business:



  • Mr Kambiz Daneshyar
  • Ms Narguess Farzad
  • Dr Ben Joseph
  • Mr Mansour Namaki
  • Mr Bahram Sadr-Hashemi
  • Mrs Ina Sandmann
  • Mr Ali Sarikhani
  • Mrs Monir Sattaripour
  • Professor Ali Ansari (Chair)

Non-executive board members:

  • Mr Siavosh Arjomand
  • Mr Akbar Lari
  • Mr Mehdi Metghalchi
  • Mr Ali Razi

Founded by Dr Ali Sattaripour

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Besides the board of trustees, the Persian Language Foundation boasts a team of noteworthy contributors and supporters from institutions including SOAS, University of London, the University of Cambridge, the University of St Andrews and Farhang Foundation.