Your teaching material is very inspirational and a great study help. I am using it almost on a daily basis.
I come from Taiwan and there is bare of the education resources of Farsi, and thankfully, the website help many people to learn Farsi, including me.
!آفرین. خوش به حالت


Dear Persian Language Foundation, 

I am writing to offer feedback on the Gorbeh mobile games, which my family and I discovered back in June 2017. 

I am half-Persian, am married to an Englishman and have been struggling to get my 4 year old to speak Farsi. He has listened to me speak Farsi to him since he was born and mainly just understood basic conversation, numbers, colours, animals, etc. He would respond to me in English when I spoke Farsi to him. Until recently, he refused to speak it back and would lose interest in any cartoons or videos in Farsi that I found online. 

This changed once I introduced him to the Gorbeh apps. He instantly loved the games and played both the City and the Farm versions non-stop for a couple of weeks. As a result, his Persian vocabulary extended to all the words used in the games and he has even responded positively when I used the flash cards in conjunction with the games. We learnt the two songs in the apps together and sing them to his father and baby brother at home. Somehow, the Gorbeh apps introduced an element of fun and play into learning Farsi and I am so grateful to the Persian Language Foundation for investing their time and efforts into building such a useful tool.  

I can only request that this work is continued. More mobile games should produced so that children of the Persian diaspora across the world can interact and learn our beautiful language in a fun, modern and interactive way. We live in a digital world, and children today have access to such much digital media in English and the other dominant global languages. If we don’t provide equally fun and interactive games in Farsi, they will naturally be drawn to the other languages instead. Me and my family are looking forward to the next Gorbeh app with excitement so we can learn the next set of words and songs. 


Ms. Sonam B.

This is by far the best Persian Language app for non-Persian students that I have ever seen. Building a language learning application is complex and requires extensive research into human behaviour. This app is simple to use and has all the required sub-links i.e. Translation, Transliterations, glossary etc. The pace is flawlessly measured to perfections with all of the buttons in the right place and easily accessible. Great job done. Please keep the site going as it is one of the best free language learning sites around that happens to be of a commercial grade standard. Amazing job!!
As an educator, I would like to congratulate you on the educational web site that you created. I really enjoyed going through your website.
Congrats for the quality of your website. It’s going to be of precious help in the weeks and months ahead to help me improve my speaking/comprehension skills and explore Persian. Much better than the method I had been using so far. Thanks.
An excellent resource which is helping me tremendously in terms of learning pronunciation, difference between written and spoken Persian and grammar. Well done and please continue with the good work.
I am so happy I found your site. It covers most aspects of language leaning in a fun, uniqe and effective way.
This is site is wonderful, from what I have already seen. For us heritage speakers, the intermediate level activities exercises are very welcome.
Thank you very much for creating this site. I am so glad I found it. It was actually by chance from one Persian learning group on Facebook. This is an excellent tool!!!!! I hope you can promote it more, so it comes up on the top on the google search. I wish they had it for Arabic and other languages too.
Thank you greatly for this site. It’s been a huge help for learning the persian language. Kheyli mamnounam!
The most useful Persian leaning website I have found by far.

The site is absolutely brilliant.


As someone who is semi-fluent in French and Italian and who takes an interest in languages as an academic pursuit I want to say that the course you’ve created is, without any exaggeration at all, the best I’ve ever come across. The degree of thought and intelligence that has gone into creating the course is seriously impressive and it is far and away better than any of the standard courses available commercially, almost all of which I’ve accessed at one time or another.


Where almost every single other course in Persian fails is the total lack of discussion surrounding colloquial, spoken language. This is so serious that it makes virtually all the currently available courses practically useless in any situation other than reading a child’s book. I’m yet to understand why anyone would produce a course on Persian without including in it the living, spoken form of the language; a person who learns formal “book Persian” will be utterly lost in any basic daily conversation in Iranian society.


The next area in which your course is so impressive is the sheer size of the vocabulary. I’ve been studying Persian for three years now and I was pleasantly surprised to find dozens of compound verbs in your course that I’d never come across before, not to mention the sheer breadth of general vocabulary the course contains. Yours is, yet again, the only course I’ve seen to even touch the areas of IT and computing! It’s mindboggling to see over a dozen recent Persian courses that don’t even mention daily matters such as checking one’s email or looking for something online; virtually every one of these courses will mention the Shahnameh but not even print the word “computer” in their books!!


I recently spoke to a friend who was about to purchase one of the readily available courses in Persian and I told him not to bother, but to simply go online and use your course instead. Not only do I believe that the commercially available courses are pointless, but that the persianlanguageonline course would genuinely bring a learner to that oft-repeated status of “conversational fluency”. The only other course that I’ve seen which is as well-constructed as yours is the Farsi Shirin Ast course, aimed at the more advanced learner.


So this is just a message to thank you all for a fantastic course which I would recommend to absolutely everybody learning Persian. There is nothing out that there that even remotely comes close to it.

Thank you so much for this wonderful learning resource.
I’ve gone through many of the beginner lessons so far, and I love the resource. 
You made really useful stuff, perfectly understandable for me.
Thank you for giving us a chance to learn such a wonderful language.
Very good. Interactive, competence testing is excellent.
Thank you for this very well presented and extremely useful website !

I LOVE the website

Really well done

Most practical site I’ve seen until now! Very clear audio, great design, very very helpful indeed!
I’m learning Farsi in a very grammar-oriented class and your website is providing exactly what I missed: Vocbulary with sound, interactive learning, spoken vs. written farsi. As a langage teacher myself I appreciate the settings on your website. It’s very motivating to learn this way!
Thanks for your effort, that website is amazing! Thank you so much
This is a well designed site. Very helpful! I hope that you continue to develop the site.
Website is brilliant. Have worked through beginners and elementary twice; I really feel like I’m learning something.
The interface of the website is excellent
I really apprieciate this webside – it is rare to find something this great for a language learner (and I have already learnt a few).
The site is really amazing, very well formatted and easily digested. Compared to many other sites this is above and beyond the best resource that I’ve found. It’s really ideal for autodidacts such as myself. Though it does help I have access to someone who speaks the language natively, this site is still enormously helpful. I also know other people who are able to speak Persian, but are unable to read or write, and find this site enormously helpful to learn that added skill and reconnect with their heritage.

Just wanted to drop an email to say thank you for setting up this website and the tireless work of all the trustees as well as the late Dr. Sattaripour. It’s a really amazing website and has helped so much in learning Farsi. I can finally feel like I have the resources I need, and can actually converse with some friends of mine, as well as hopefully (one day) read some Persian literature and poetry. Just wanted to give a big big thank you for the site 🙂
I am really glad to find this website today. Thank you so much for all the efforts you have made.
Thank you very much for the excellent Persian language website
I just wanted to say that this site is well done. I first tried to learn Persian on my own several years ago and found not many resources to be available. The best I could really do was a phrase book and a few internet pages about grammar. Eventually I cobbled together my own complicated “workflow” to learn, but this site includes many of features I had to find in separate locations — transliteration, translation, and audio for given phrases and words.
Salam. I am from Georgia, I’m studying Persian language and I love your website, it is very helpful for me. Thank you for this.
I can’t believe that your wonderful website is for free! Like another person who recommends your course, I was an EFL teacher for many years. I am familiar with many language courses and yours is superb. I just wish there was a dictionary done with the care that you have put into this course.
There are languages courses which teach ABOUT the language but leave you unable to speak with any confidence. It is of course, necessary to know some grammar. But I have found that fluency, even at a low level, is the element which gives confidence.. You build up from there.
Thank you very much for this fantastic tool! I am Persian learner from Germany and appreciate it a lot. Especially “written vs. spoken” is very helpful.
Thank you for developing this awesome app. My son loves it! It was such needed tool for the Iranians living outside and thanks for taking initiative for finding ways to keep the language and culture alive.
سلام بی نهایت سپاس از زحمات خوب شما برای آموزش زبان فارسی
You know what? Your website is amazing! It helps me a lot and I am very happy to learn from it
Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You have put together a beautiful website, it is learner friendly and very well structured and organized!! It is the only website that has been so helpful! Thank you for writing the words in Roman alphabet too. I just wanted to say thank you! Mersi!

I’ve been learning Persian with your website for several weeks now. It is really amazing! Thank you so much for providing it for free. I am into languages a lot and Persian is so beautiful.



I am a Chinese in Iran, I like Iranian culture a lot, there are so many amazing things in Iran, I enjoy it

The problem is I can’t speak Farsi, and I find your website is awesome

Thank you so much for your contribution


Thank you for putting together such a delightful project!


I can’t fully express my appreciation for this amazing free website, I have been looking for such a tool for my family for a while. 


Hi. I just wanted to thank you so much for this website. It’s really wonderful.

I started studying Persian on my own about a year ago. I used a book to study most of the beginning grammar. However, I really need a lot of practice with listening, and this website has great conversations that aren’t too complicated.

I also really love that you have the audio conversations, the written versions in both Persian and transcriptions, a glossary WITH AUDIO (so great), and you a page which highlights the spoken/written differences which are so important in Persian.

 I have taught ESL for over 30 years and have seen a lot of foreign language materials, and this one is truly well done. I really want to commend you on your efforts. The audio is clear, the conversations don’t present an overwhelming amount of vocabulary or syntax, and you even have extra conversations for some of the units.

Congratulations again on a job really really really well done, and thanks so much for offering it for free. Your hard work, skill, and generosity are all greatly appreciated.


I just wanted to appreciate you guys on this excellent work. I am looking forward to learn Persian. 

Also, it would be of great help if you could do the same for Urdu as well.


For several weeks, my Persian language partner and I have attempted to use various Persian language resources online, but none of them have worked out. Today, we discovered your website and both of us are delighted.

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a wonderful resource.  Your lessons are clear, professional, and very organized.  Starting today, PersianLanguageOnline is where I will be studying the beautiful Persian language. I am trusting your website to take me from a beginner level to an advanced level over the next several years.

Thanks again for the outstanding resources!


Thank you for creating such a great online course!


Hi! What a wonderful webpage to learn Persian. Thank you so much for this amazing job you have done. 


I’m entirely pleased and grateful with your website. The content is informational and clear, as well as easy to use. I give you all my best regards for this. I look forward to learning more as I pursue fluent Farsi. Thank you!! 


I am writing to say thank you for this excellent website. I have been studying Farsi for 5 years, however, have been having difficulty finding sources that help me advance from intermediate to more fluent levels. This is the best designed, most enjoyable, and easiest to use website I have come across. Thank you

Just want to say – what a fantastic website – and what a beautiful language! We’re hoping to go on holiday to Iran in March and I thought I’d better pick up a few words of Persian before we go and I was lucky enough to stumble upon your website straight away. I think it’s beautifully laid out and easy to navigate and has loads of useful features and is a model of what a language teaching website should be. As I speak a little Arabic, I’m intrigued by the similarities and the differences and by some of the shared vocabulary. I shall have no excuse for not learning Persian now.

I am really in love with your website. I think this is the best website for learning ever. If all the website would be like ours, we could learn any language!
Great job! Keep it up!

Can’t wait for the App!


Brilliant. You have produced a great website to learn Persian. I am learning at home by myself so this is a tremendous help. Thank you.


I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful offering – nothing more. Farsi language resources are so lacking, and this will greatly aid my children and me. Thank you dearly.


Congratulations for your wonderful website. Really useful and very well made.

I am French and married to an Iranian. I speak Persian pretty well (yes, I dare to say it) and after 39 years, I finally started to work seriously on writing and reading. You may guess how much your website is welcome to me!

Thank you and Congratulations to all your team members for this masterpiece job geared for Iranian communities but mostly a tool to help non-Iranians have an opportunity to learn about our rich culture and languages.

با سلام و خسته نباشید، سال‌ها است که در نیویورک به تدریس فارسی مشغول هستم. سایت شما به عنوان ابزاری کمک آموزشی بسیار مفید و سودمند است.


Hi, I love your site, it helped me learn Farsi very fast!


Thank you very much for doing this website. Excellent job! Excellent resource.




I’d like to thank you guys for this amazing site! I’ve been studying Persian for a while now, and this is the best resource I have found so far!
I really appreciate the hard work put on the site. I just finished my second lesson of the day, and I’ll come back tomorrow for more.
Once again, thank you for this amazing resource.
Greetings from Mexico.


Thank you for your valuable efforts that allow young Iranians to deepen their knowledge and understanding of our wonderful culture and language while we are so far from Iran.
Keep up the good work!


Thanks for you kind efforts. I really liked this site as I am learning Persian.


Bah bah! Thank you for these lessons. They are really high quality with great audio.

Great website, I love how the audio is slow enough to understand it and you have the text written in Persian and English.
Please add more lessons, this is one of the best websites I’ve found for Farsi!

Thank you so much for such a beautiful and useful website. It’s a great initiative to immerse one’s self in such an amazing culture. Thank you so much for your effort. The design is also perfect, visual and subdued at the same time. Congratulations. I love it.


I like how the website is done so far.
I am sure many people who are learning Persian will find this website useful.


As I’m teaching myself how to speak Farsi, I found your site an invaluable tool for learning conversational language. Many thanks for this great effort!

Keep up the great work! Dastetoon dard nakoneh!


I really appreciate this site. It’s very, very well designed, structured and learning Persian is easy with you.
It’s the best site ever founded on the net for Persian language.


Just want to say I think what you’re doing is amazing and long needed!

I am originally Iranian but born in the UK, and have been attending Persian language classes in my adulthood to improve my reading and writing skills. It is our responsibility to keep our language alive and we all have a role to play.. Thank you for this amazing project and I really wish you success.

If there is anything I can do to support I will be more than happy!


Thank you so, so much for this resource. I live in Greece and have been unable to teach my daughter Farsi as I don’t know any other Farsi-speakers here. This is the perfect tool for me and will allow me to work with her myself and teach her her mother’s tongue. A massive congratulations!!